カンボジアの旅1/4 Trip to Cambodia 1/4

旅日記 Travel Journals

June 29, 2023. Our journey started. First, the advance team of father (me), 5-year-old son Kiichi, and 2-year-old daughter Suzuko departed.

Kiichi held Suzuko’s hand tightly and we boarded the train from Takamatsu Station. “Suzuko, there are so many people at the station.”

We took Shinkansen together and…

arrived at Hakata Station. After another subway ride, we headed for the Fukuoka Anpanman Children’s Museum. “Suzuko, the Anpanman Museum is just around the corner.”

We had a lot of fun. In the evening, my wife and 8-year-old Kotaro joined us at a hostel in Fukuoka.

The next day, it was time to depart from Japan. For this trip, we found a big deal flight on AirAsia from Fukuoka to Phnom Penh via Don Muang (Bangkok), so we flew from Fukuoka Airport. Kotaro was doing his summer vacation homework on the plane.

When we arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport, we were greeted with a surprise by Mrs. Kusugawa!

ばあばはカンボジアへ Grandma went back to Cambodia.

For more information about our lovely grandma, Mrs. Kusugawa in Cambodia, please refer to the blog above. I wrote that “Cambodia has emerged as our first destination once the pandemic is over” on the blog last year, and it has come true!

The accommodation we booked on Airbnb in Phnom Penh had a pool. Our children were very happy.

After a quick morning swim in the pool, it’s time to head out to the city for Cambodian food. We had breakfast at a local restaurant. The meat is delicious.

Japanese brothers are observing the work of a lady in the restaurant. Then, she kindly shared something with them.

A walk near the inn. A brother and sister bought bananas from a banana seller.

We wanted to eat outside, but they closed as soon as lunchtime was over, so it was difficult to get the right time. In the end, we ate instant noodles in the inn many times.

At night, the men’s team went out to a food stall. It’s fun and delicious.

After two nights in Phnom Penh, I and Kotaro were separated from the mother team here. We would see them again in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Walking from the inn to the bus terminal. He is already a nice backpacker.

After arriving at the bus station and checking it out, we went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was very busy.

An 8-year-old Japanese boy ate a complete meal and picked his teeth. “I’m full.”

It would be a seven-hour ride on that white bus. There seemed to be no other foreign tourists.

Even though it was a 7-hour long bus ride, it didn’t seem as long as we thought it would be because we could get off the bus several times for breaks on the way and the scenery was interesting. It was Kotaro, not his father, who chose this local bus instead of the plane or tourist bus that is popular for foreign tourists. He is a backpacker.

We arrived in Siem Reap. At a local market near the bus terminal, Kotaro bought the mangoes he had longed for. I was starting to remember Khmer words that I learned 20 years ago.

Checked in to our guesthouse in Siem Reap. The first thing Kotaro set out to do was to write a diary of his trip.

Now, when he has finished writing, it is time to head to the heritage sites by bicycle.