ばあばはカンボジアへ Grandma went back to Cambodia.

旅人さん Our Guests

Ms. Kusugawa went back to Cambodia after staying with us for 40 days.

She was a nurse at a hospital in Takamatsu. After she retired, she was involved in the nursing and health care of children in Cambodia as a JICA Volunteer. In addition, she parted with her house in Takamatsu and moved to Cambodia to continue her actions for children’s health care in school.

自宅を処分しカンボジアに移住。看護技術を超えて”命の重さ”を教え続ける「カンボジアを元気にしたい!」 | ほ・とせなNEWS

I and my wife worked in Senegal also as the JICA Volunteer. We met her after returning to Japan, and her project members have stayed with us since then.

コロナ禍で3年間、帰国できなかったのが今回、ようやく帰国できることになって、若葉屋で40日間過ごされました。今となってはここ、若葉屋が楠川さんにとっての高松の実家です。寿々子(1歳)も「ばあば! ばあば!」と呼んで、毎日遊んでもらいました。
She could come back to Japan for the first time in three years since the pandemic spread. Now, Wakabaya is her home in Takamatsu. Our one-year-old daughter, Suzuko called her “Grandma! Grandma!” and played with her every day.

楠川さんがカンボジアに帰られても、寿々子はばあばがチェックアウトしてしまったことがわからずに、しばらく「ばあば? ばあば?」と探していました。
Even after She left for Cambodia, Suzuko didn’t understand it and was looking for “grandma” for a while.

Cambodia is a choice of our travel destination after the pandemic.