Can a non-Japanese speaker communicate with the Wakabaya's owner?

We speak English, un peu français, and some 中文單詞.
We also love traveling abroad, so understand the difficulties of language well.

Which kind of preventive measures against COVID-19 does Wakabaya take?

In consideration of the infection situation inside and outside Kagawa Prefecture and the risk of infection in each situation at Wakabaya, we take effective infection countermeasures, such as operating only in private rooms. Please read this and understand it before proceeding with your reservation.

I rarely stay in a guest house. What kind of accommodation Wakabaya is?

  • Guest House Wakabaya is an accommodation run with the Hotel Business Permit [picture] issued by Takamatsu City. Our fire preventive facilities are inspected and reported to the Takamatsu North Fire Station every year.
  • All facilities and spaces other than each guest room are shared with other guests.
  • The bathroom and shower booth can be locked. Please use them when they are vacant.
  • The entrance has an automatic lock, and each room has an inside and outside lock for security. [picture], however, the guests are responsible for their belongings. Wakabaya cannot be responsible for any troubles during your stay.
  • Even at night, we always stay in our private house back the guest house zone. Whenever you need, you can call us with a door bell in the living room.
  • Our facilities are not soundproof. Even in a private room, you may hear the voices and footsteps of other guests. In addition, our children's voices may be heard from our private house zone.
  • Please keep quiet at midnight and early in the morning.
  • The bunk beds family room, the single room and one of the twin rooms are on the second floor but there is no elevator. We help the guests carrying heavy luggage up and down.
  • Meals are not served. You can get to the downtown nearby Kawaramachi Station for 15 minutes on foot. An "udon" noodle restaurant which opens from 6:00 a.m. stands just a 5-minute walk away from Wakabaya, enjoy the local udon breakfast! Besides, there is a supermarket, convenience store, and a bakery also 5-minutes away.
  • Nightware is not provided.
  • We sell a travel toothbrush set for 150 JPY and a razor for 100 JPY.
  • Guests can use towels, two-in-one shampoo, body soap, hair dryer for free.

Can we stay in Wakabaya with children?

  • Yes, the guests can stay even with babies as we don't limit the age of guests in any room. However, please pay attention when children use ladders in the bunk beds family room.
  • A child's rate is not set. The child who shares one futon/bed with his/her parent is not charged. The size of futon: width 100cm, length 200cm, thickness 5cm.
    If the child needs an individual futon/bed, we charge him/her the same as an adult.
  • Even if the number of guests including children is more than our capacity of the room, guests can stay. Instead, we can prepare beddings only for the number of capacity. Children need to share bedding with their parents.
  • Our bathroom has a bathtub.
  • The guests can use our kitchenette to cook or prepare milk for children.

Does Wakabaya limit the time of check-in, check-out, and curfew?

Please scroll sideways to see
Luggage storage and
car parking before check-in
Please ask us in advance.
Check-in 4:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Please inform us in advance of your expected arrival time. If your check-in time changes much, please update us.
Automatically Locked Time 9:00 pm - 7:00 am
When we wait check-in after 9:00 pm, we will lock after all guests arrive.
The guests can go out and come back freely even in the midnight and early in the morning. We will provide you with the PIN code at check-in.
check-out before 10:00
luggage storage and
car parking after check-out
Please ask us in advance.

From when does the guest have to pay the cancellation penalty?

  • Wakabaya is a guest house for a traveler. We set the following "minimum" cancellation policy not to bind free travel. Please understand it, and when you decide to cancel, let us know as soon as possible. Another traveler may need your vacant room.
  • Cancellation fee should be paid by VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS through the internet or bank transfer
Please scroll sideways to see
before intended check-in date 20:59 free
after intended check-in date 21:00 100% of the first day room charge
no show 100% of the first day room charge

Up to how many people can be accommodated?

Beddings can be provided for a total of 16 guests: 3 in the twin room 1/F, 3 in the twin room 2/F, 2 in the single room, and 8 in the family room.
But please be noted that one of futons has to be folded in the Japanese-style rooms, and guests may feel it tight.

Can I bring a futon or sleeping bag?

Yes, it is possible. However, the room charge will be calculated depending on the total number of Wakabaya's prepared beddings and the beddings the guest brings. Therefore, the guests can bring their own beddings, but it will not reduce the expence.

When and how the guest pay the room charge?

We receive the sum of room charge at the check-in in Japanese Yen cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Ali Pay (Chinese), Kakao Pay (Korean), LINE Pay (Japanese), or PayPay (Japanese).

Is Wakabaya non-smoking accommodation?

Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere inside. An ash stand at the outdoors roofed bicycle parking is prepared.

Does the room rate change?

  • There is no difference in our room charges depending on the booking channel, whether via online booking sites such as Booking.com, Airbnb, etc, this Wakabaya official site, or by phone.
  • However, this Wakabaya official site may start accepting reservations earlier than the other online booking sites. In addition, even if we have actually vacancies, you may not be able to make a reservation via the online booking sites. We recommend you book on this Wakabaya official website.
  • We set seasonal rates on Saturdays, holidays, and so on. 500 JPY is added per futon.
  • Long stay discount is not offered.

Can I put myself on the waiting list?

Yes, you can do it by informing us it on comment field in our reservation form. However, if the chances of cancelation is quite low, we might reject your request.

Can I stay for a long?

The guests are allowed to stay consecutively up to 7 nights in principle, but please ask us.