カンボジアの旅3/4 Trip to Cambodia 3/4

旅日記 Travel Journals

When I travelled to Cambodia about 20 years ago, I used to exchange money at bank counters, but now we can use ATMs to cash out local currency. Residents even use QR code payments with their smartphones. When we take a tuk-tuk, we no longer need to pick it up on the street. We can easily and safely call a tuk-tuk by a car-dispatch app Grab. The style of travel in Cambodia has changed a lot, and thanks to that, I can travel with my children safely.

It is our breakfast at the usual food stall.

We visited Mr. Aki Ra’s Landmine Museum. His parents were killed by the Khmer Rouge army, and he became a boy soldier of the Khmer Rouge. He spent his youth in combat while changing his position to a Vietnamese soldier and a Cambodian soldier. Having buried countless landmines at that time, he now works to remove them and talks about landmines to us at the museum.

In such a peaceful and developing Cambodia, landmine clearance is still ongoing. We looked at the recent demining statistics.

When we read the QR code with our phone, we can listen to the explanation in many languages like this. He was very interested in Cambodia’s dark and complicated modern history, and it made him think a lot.

We have moved from the northern part of Siem Reap, where the ruins and the landmine museum are located, to the city centre of Siem Reap. We stayed the third and fourth nights in Siem Reap in a hotel in the city centre. We were told that we could buy cheaper at the stores near the hotel than at the tourist market, so we went shopping right away. He bought a light shirt with a design of Angkor Wat and embroidered Khmer letters. He likes it so much that he wears it often since we returned home. It was a great souvenir for him.

In the evening we went to the circus “Phare”.

すごくクオリティの高いエンターテインメントでした。若宮親子、イチオシ! パフォーマンスの写真はブログにはアップしませんので、皆さん、ぜひご自分で行って見てください!
It was very high-quality entertainment and highly recommended. I don’t share the pictures of the performance on this blog, so please go and see for yourselves!

After the circus was over, Kotaro said he wanted to take a picture with the performers, so we took a commemorative photo with them.

We came back to the hotel. When we both were lounging on the bed, it was too itchy. Maybe bugs. So we complained to the front desk and changed the room. Kotaro also cleaned up his belongings quickly. He experiences a lot as a small backpacker.

The next day we joined a local tour to visit Tonle Sap Lake and villages.

It a muddy water in the lake. We took a boat to a floating house.

We landed at a floating restaurant. The guide honestly said it wasn’t tasty, so we didn’t eat there and lounged in a hammock.

The mangoes he bought just after arriving in Siem Reap got ripe enough, so we ate them in the bathroom because they were so big and juicy. I wonder how much it would cost in Japan.

It was hot and tiring during the day, so we rested at the hotel in the afternoon. However, Kotaro’s work continued. He wrote postcards to his teacher in school, his grandparents, himself, and his father. But he didn’t tell me what he was writing. He wrote addressee with the Roman alphabet that he just learned in school.

In the evening, it cooled down a bit and we went out. He bought some banana chips as a souvenir at a store. The owner spoke fluent Japanese, and said, “Your teeth are just like your father’s!”

We bought some tropical fruits at the market. He had his first taste of rambutan and liked it. We also bought fruit shakes from a food stand and had a fruit festival by the river.

We went to an all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant that we had our eyes on for our last dinner in Cambodia. Generally, the food that Kotaro finds is always good. It is an important talent for a traveller. “I am under 130 cm, so child rate!”

The waitress showed us how to grill them. It was delicious, but we were disappointed that we couldn’t eat as much as we would have liked because of our riverside fruit festival before dinner.

Finally, we would leave Cambodia and join the mothers’ team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam next day.