高松ー上海 運行再開決定! Takamatsu-Shanghai flight will resume.

旅人さん Our Guests

Two ladies from Guangdong Province, China stayed in Wakabaya. We chatted for a while and they told me that Spring Airlines (Chinese LCC) was finally going to resume its Takamatsu-Shanghai service. That’s good news!

What was even more interesting to me was the changes in travel trends among Chinese tourists. This was their third visit to Japan, the first to Tokyo, the second to Ito (Shizuoka Prefecture), and the third to Takamatsu. They chose Ito and Takamatsu before Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, and Okinawa. For them, visiting local towns and relaxing is more appealing than visiting famous sightseeing destinations crowded with tourists. In fact, they had no specific plans for their three-day stay in Takamatsu and seemed to take it easy.

We also talked about shopping spree by Chinese tourists, which had been widely reported in Japanese media before. After that, the Chinese government has restricted overseas shopping by Chinese tourists, MUJI and UNIQLO have opened stores in cities in China, and it has become easier to buy Japanese goods online in China. Nowadays, there is no more need to buy such large and heavy luggage back from Japan for them. Although some people go to Japan for shopping because they don’t want to buy a fake product in China or online, the shopping situation has changed drastically.