フランスからの置き手紙 A French message in the room

旅人さん Our Guests

When I enter the guest room to clean after their check out, I sometimes find a letter there. This morning it was a wonderful message by a French couple with their portraits.

Merci Takeshi et ta famille pour ce bel accueil.

Thank you Takeshi and your family for your warm welcome.

It was placed on a “Goto-Nuri” tray, a traditional local lacquerware prepared in our Japanese-style room. By the way, their portraits and they are very much alike.

The majority of our guests in August were from Japan, but now that the summer vacation in Japan is over and the weather has cooled down a bit, we are seeing a lot of international visitors again. Last night, we had guests from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong and Japan.

Bon voyage!