BLOG お子さまとのご宿泊について Lodging with children

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The Guest House Wakabaya’s site assumes that children up to 5 years old share the bedding (futon or bed) with their parents at 500JPY per child per night and that children 6 years old and older use their own bedding at the same price as adults. In addition to the combination of the room type and the number of beddings based on that assumption, several combinations are suggested as search results of (However, Wakabaya’s fixed lowest rate may be suggested during the busy season regardless of the actual number of guests.)

A guest selects the combination of the room type and the number of bedding during the booking process. The number of big human icons that a guest selected is the number of bedding that Wakabaya will prepare. (The number of small human icons is the number of children sharing bedding with the parent.) The confirmation sent from shows the price, the number of adult guests, the age and the number of child guests, but not the number of bedding.

In rare cases, some guests choose a combination that does not match the number of guests and children’s ages entered on searching. Please check your booking confirmation once again.

Even after making a reservation, if you would like to check the number of bedding, increase or decrease the bedding, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in advance. We will try to help you flexibly.