Welcome back to Japan!

旅人さん Our Guests


Japan reopened the border for individual tourists on 11th October 2022.


A couple from the UK checked in Wakabaya just on that day. Though we had some foreign guests even during the pandemic, they were residents in Japan or visiting Japan for work, and some even spoke Japanese. So, they were not tourists from abroad.

それが、どこで靴を脱ぐのかよくわからなかったり、Japan Rail Passについての質問があったりと、コロナ禍ではなかったこのやりとりが、3年ぶりに若葉屋に帰ってきました。そしてその後も連日、台湾、フランス、アメリカ、シンガポール、ポーランド、韓国など、海外から新規の宿泊予約が入ってきています。

On the other hand, the guests from the UK didn’t know where to take their shoes off and asked me about the Japan Rail Pass. I had not experienced this kind of communication with our guests since the beginning of 2020. Since Japan reopened to tourists, we have received new bookings from overseas such as Taiwan, France, the United States, Singapore, Poland, Korea, etc.


The pandemic of COVID is over for Guest House Wakabaya.