畳をリニューアル!We renewed the tatami mats!

おしごと Owner's Works

Thanks to all, Guest House Wakabaya celebrated our 9th anniversary on July 10, 2023. The tatami mats in our three Japanese-style rooms also have been used for nine years. They have turned yellow from green by sunburn and have been damaged by heavy suitcases, so we decided to renew them.

I called Kodama’s Tatami, located a few minutes by bicycle from Wakabaya. The experts know best, and closer is better.

First, Mr. Kodama checked the gaps in the original layout of the tatami and marked directly on them. This was in order to adjust each tatami to fill the gaps at the renewal.

Tatami mats that have welcomed thousands of travelers from all over Japan and abroad for the past nine years were taken out. However, these tatami would not been replaced but only their surfaces would be replaced. So, the same tatami would come back and would be used again. This is how Japanese tatami is used for a long time. That is something nice, isn’t it?

I visited Mr. Kodama’s workshop. While watching his non-stopping works, he talked me many interesting stories about the various types of tatami, how tatami is used, the mechanization and skills of tatami making, and so on.

After that, Wakabaya was closed for about 10 days and we traveled to Cambodia. In the meantime, the tatami mats have been refaced. After returning back home, Mr. Kodama laid out the tatami in our Japanese-style rooms. He made repeated adjustments carefully to arrange the height of each mat and fill in the gaps. Professional work is cool.

We chose Japanese paper as the material for the surface of tatami, this time. Although it is more expensive than rush grass, we chose paper because it does not break easily, does not discolor due to sunburn, and keeps the cleanliness required for guest rooms for a long. The edge of the tatami mat is a dark blue color with a traditional pattern, which I chose with my family.

We welcome travelers with these new tatami mats!