お客さんへのクチコミ返信 Replies to the reviews

おしごと Owner's Works

I reply to the online reviews posted by our guests with remembering them.

I read an article about a company that uses AI to suggest automatically generated replies to online reviews for hotels.

そこで私も、「以下のクチコミに対する返信を書きたい。『(お客さんからのクチコミ投稿をコピペ)』」と、Chat GPTに投げかけてみたところ、多少は不自然なところもあるものの、お客さんの書き込みに応じつつ、感謝の言葉を述べる、さすがそれっぽい返信を出してきました。
So, I also experimentally asked Chat GPT for an appropriate reply to an actual review by our guest. Although there are some unnatural parts, it has come up with a good reply, expressing gratitude while responding to the guest’s comment.

This kind of AI reply might be useful for a big hotel that replies a lot a day, but we never use it.

Even if the poster’s name is a handle or anonymous, I can usually tell which guest wrote it by reading the comment. And I always write my replies while remembering that guest. On the other hand, AI, who has not actually shared time with our guests, cannot remember or appreciate them.