テレビに出ました。Wakabaya appeared on TV

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2023年3月19日(日) 15:00〜15:15 香川・岡山地域放送
RNC西日本放送 ルック〜地域発・輝くビジネス〜

A local TV station did a location shoot at Wakabaya three weeks before the broadcast.

In the morning, the first take was the check-out scene of our actual guests.

After that, they filmed our rooms, facilities and me hanging out futon in the sun.

In the afternoon, they shot my interview with an announcer. I talked about my experiences as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in Senegal, what inspired me to open a guest house, work at home, and how exciting traveling is.

While the interview was in progress, our 8-year-old son Kotaro came back home cheerfully from school. 5-year-old son Kiichi and 2-year-old daughter Suzuko left the nursery school early and joined our shoot. While being filmed, they were quieter than usual.