スーパーカブとリヤカーで日本一周 Traveling around Japan by Super Cub with handcart

旅人さん Our Guests

Guesthouse Wakabaya has recently seen many unique travellers, such as those who have pulled a rickshaw across the USA, who have a Japanese-style room with tatami mats in a light van, or who ride a 1982 model motorbike, but he is another type.

His Super Cub pulls a handcart. He is travelling around Japan on it. The handcart doesn’t always carry but also turns into a standing bar. By the way, towing a handcart with the Super Cub is not illegal under the Road Traffic Act in Japan, even though he is stopped by policemen sometimes.

He played the Sanshin, Okinawan traditional strings for our children, we had a nice chat and then, left the next day for Tokushima with a smile.

P.S.: Did you find that lost thing?