屋島工房のライディンググローブ Rider’s Gloves by Craftsmen in Takamatsu

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I visited “Ohara Glove” in Yashima, Takamatsu, about 5 minutes walking from Kotoden Yashima Station or Katamoto Station on the Kotoden Shido Line.

I had wanted to visit Ohara Glove someday since a touring guest on the motorbike told me about it. Let’s go in!


The leather gloves are displayed in the shop. All of them are only rider’s gloves!


They also sell rider’s jackets and boots also.


I talked with the shop owner and the craftsman, Mr. Ohara. Originally, Kagawa Prefecture, especially the Shirotori district in Higashi Kagawa City, had a thriving production of gloves. However, now that the glove production factories were moved overseas, many skilled local craftsmen have lost their jobs.  Then, Mr. Ohara established a small workshop with local craftsmen to make high-quality genuine gloves, which are different from the ones mass-produced overseas and sold cheaply. And they specialize in motorbike rider’s gloves. Customers can buy ready-made gloves in the shop, but they can tailor-make customers’ own gloves also. Our hands have different sizes and shapes.


Their main work is making gloves, so the shop is only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 11:00 to 18:00. However, they may open it on weekdays on an advanced reservation and depending on Mr. Ohara’s work. So, please contact them in advance.

尾原手袋製作所・屋島工房 Ohara Glove



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