たぬきが居ます。A raccoon dog waits you.

おしごと Owner's Works

When you open the Japanese lattice window in our twin room, you’ll see a small raccoon dog.

When Wakabaya opened in 2014, this tiny garden was covered with moss around the stepping stones and bamboo was growing. However, the moss soon withered, so I planted dwarf lilyturf. However, the dwarf lilyturf also died, so I gave up on covering the ground with plants and laid black pebbles. On the other hand, bamboo grows new shoots in early spring, and although it grows steadily, it also dies.

8 years of trial and error in the garden. I had a gardener take a look at it, and he diagnosed that it was difficult for the plants to grow because of the short sunlight. I removed the almost withered bamboo, changed the gravel from black to white, and placed a pottery of raccoon dog that my friend gave me.

The guest who stayed in that room yesterday saw the garden. “Cute raccoon dog!” they said. Wakabaya’s tiny garden has finally found the correct answer.

By the way, this Japanese-style twin room on the 1st floor is in front of the shared bathroom. Also, there are no other guest rooms on the same floor. This room is easy for family guests with small children.


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