祖谷・大歩危 Iya Valley & Oboke Gorge

旅のコツ Travel Tips


祖谷: いや

大歩危: おおぼけ

路線バスが少ない Bus runs infrequently


There are only 7 round-trip buses per day between JR Oboke Station and Kazurabashi Bridge.


There are two bus stops nearby Kazurabashi Bridge: Kazurabashi かずら橋 Bus Stop and Kazurabashi Yumeburai かずら橋夢舞台 Bus Stop across the river, and each bus stops at only one of them. Be sure to check the timetable and see which bus stop your bus departs from.

観光バス Tour bus


A sightseeing tour bus runs in the high season. Sightseeing at many photogenic places, lunch, and a riverboat cruise are included. It is impossible to experience all of them in a day without this tour bus.

UPDATED 13th June 2023