高松空港 Takamatsu Airport

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リムジンバス Limousine Bus




An airport limousine bus runs according to the departures and arrivals of the flight. Therefore, the bus is not shuttled during the time with no flight at the airport, and the timetable changes almost monthly. When you land at Takamatsu Airport, do not relax too much but take the bus. When heading to Takamatsu Airport, check in advance which bus you should take. Some buses to Takamatsu Airport do not stop at Kawaramachi. A taxi between downtown Takamatsu and Takamatsu Airport will cost more than 5,000 yen.

There are other limousine bus routes between the airport and Kotohira 琴平, Sakaide 坂出, and Marugame 丸亀.

Takamatsu Airport Access

UPDATED 13th June 2023