小豆島 Shodoshima

旅のコツ Travel Tips

大きい It’s big!


Shodoshima Island may be bigger than you expect. For example, even the distance from the port of Tonosho to Angel Road takes 30 minutes on foot although it looks close. Cycling round the island is recommended only for experienced cyclists with a road bike.

バスの運行頻度 Check the frequency of bus

The Shodoshima Olive Bus does not run frequently. There are very few buses bounding for the 24 Eyes Movie Studio, the Rice Terrace at Nakayama, and the Kankakei Gorge. And Kankakei Line is a seasonal service. Check the bus schedules in advance.

A sightseeing bus tour takes you efficiently to the scenery places.

自由気ままな旅はレンタルで Flexible rental vehicles

Renting a car is recommended for a family tourist with a Japanese or international driver’s license. For a solo traveler, a rental motor scooter is a good option. (Some rental shops accept only Japanese speakers or Japanese license holders. Check in advance.)

レンタサイクルなら、小豆島各所にあるステーションで借りたり返したりできるシェアサイクリング「HELLO CYCLING」が便利。専用アプリをインストールし、クレジットカードなどで決済します。
HELLO CYCLING“, an electric-assisted shared bicycle is convenient on Shodoshima. Tourists can return their bicycles at a different station than the station where they rented them. Install the application and pay by credit card online.

小豆島観光協会(島へのアクセス&島内交通 レンタル事業者一覧)
Shodoshima Tourism Association (Access to the island & Transportation on the island)

エンジェルロード Angel Road


You can walk across the scenic sandbar path only while it appears from the sea at low tide for several hours, but the best is not at the lowest tide. Check the time when Angel Road is visible here. I recommend the time when the tide is getting low and the sandbar is appearing from the sea or when the tide is getting higher and the sandbar is disappearing into the sea.

本州〜小豆島 Ferry from the main island

小豆島観光協会 アクセス

Ferries connect Shodoshima not only to Takamatsu but also to Kobe 神戸, Himeji 姫路, Uno 宇野, and Okayama 岡山.

Shodoshima Navi

UPDATED 9th June 2023