父母ヶ浜 Chichibugahama Beach

旅のコツ Travel Tips

三豊市観光交流局のサイトを見よう! Check the official website


Don’t miss the Mitoyo City Tourism Authority website. All necessary information is available.

絶景の条件 Conditions for the best scenery


  1. 日の入り時刻前後約30分間
  2. 干潮
  3. 風がない

The best scenery needs three conditions:

  1. 30 minutes before & after the sunset
  2. Low tide
  3. No wind

Even at dusk, if the tide is high, there will be no tide pools on the beach. The timing of when low tide and dusk coincide can be checked on the Mitoyo City Tourism Authority website.

アクセスが難しい Difficult access


If you are traveling by public transportation, the beach is far from both JR Takuma Station and JR Kanonji Station, the nearest stations, and is accessible only by bus or taxi. The Mitoyo City Community Bus Nio Line, shuttle taxi at advanced reservation, sightseeing tour bus, and shared-ride taxi are available options, but their operation days and frequencies are limited. Check the Mitoyo City Tourism Authority website carefully.

車で行く場合も注意が必要です。カーナビの目標地点は「香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203-3 父母ヶ浜海水浴場」にセットしましょう。連休やお盆、夏休みの土日祝日などは駐車場が大混雑します。繁忙日に限って駐車場の事前予約サービスが利用できることがあるので、ご検討ください。

Be careful when going by car too. Set your car navigation system to “203-3 Nio Otsu, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa (香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203-3)” or MAP CODE “77 363 308*12” as the destination point. Parking lots are crowded on weekends and Bon Festival during summer vacation, and Japanese consecutive holidays. Reservation service for parking may be available only on busy days.

地域でお金を使って Benefit the local economy



It is only in the last few years that Chichibugahama Beach has become famous. Please be aware of the local people who prevented the landfill project and have cleaned up the beach daily. Chichibugahama Beach is a preserved spectacular view. Please take a look at the “Chichibugahama story“.

Nowadays, many people visit there. However, most of them just take pictures and leave. There are small cafes and shaved ice stores around the beach. Sea kayak and SUP are also recommended. Some luxurious and unique accommodations also have opened. Please spend your time and money in the local community, which preserved the superb natural view. You can find them here!


UPDATED 2nd August 2023