高松の新駅ビル New station building

地元情報 Local Info.

2024年3月にJR高松駅に新しい駅ビル、TAKAMATSU ORNE(高松オルネ)がオープンしました。
A new station building, TAKAMATSU ORNE, opened at JR Takamatsu Station in March 2024.

We visited there as if we were travelers who had just arrived by train. The entrance to ORNE can be seen on the left of the only ticket gate of Takamatsu Station. If you go straight ahead without entering ORNE, you will find Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station. There are coin lockers under the escalator seen in the photo.

Cashless payment and multiple languages are also available. Large suitcases that do not fit into the lockers can be left at the Accommodation Information Centre (9:00-18:00) outside the station building, or at Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station (first to last train) if you are taking the Kotoden train later. Please note that the baggage storage service at the JR station is no longer available.

Now, as soon as you enter ORNE, there is a Tourist Information Center. There used to be an information center in front of the ticket gates that looked like a temporary hut, but this is now a proper one.

On the same floor, souvenirs from Kagawa and Shikoku can be bought. I forgot to take a photo.

以前は駅構内にあったJR四国系の旅行会社は、「JR四国ツアー」と改称してORNEの3階に移転しています。ALL SHIKOKU Rail Passなど、JRが取り扱うパスやチケットは駅構内のみどりの窓口だけでなく、ここでも購入、交換ができます。あまり知られていませんが。みどりの窓口が混雑しているときは、こちらの方が早く用が済むかもしれません。
The JR Shikoku’s travel agency previously located in the station has been renamed “JR Shikoku Tour” and moved to the third floor of ORNE. The passes and tickets such as the ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass can be purchased and exchanged as well as at the JR ticket counter in the station. Not so well known. If the JR ticket counter is busy, you may be able to get things done more quickly here.

The Anpanman Train Park is located on the fourth floor. However, it is outside without a roof, so it will get wet in the rain and the sunlight will be harsh in summer. You can straddle the train, but Kotaro confirmed that it does not move (see photo). It is more of a photo spot than a children’s playground.

Meanwhile, there is a roofed park with artificial grass on the same fourth floor. There is nothing special, but it is a great place to let the children run around. We played tag and got sweaty.