四国遍路シンポジウム Shikoku Pilgrimage Symposium

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I attended the Shikoku Pilgrimage Symposium.

They said…

  • 外国人のお遍路さんが増えている。The number of foreign pilgrims is increasing.
  • 外国人のお遍路さんが宿探しに困っている。Foreign pilgrims are having trouble finding accommodations.
  • 四国遍路を統括するDMO/DMC(観光地域づくり組織/会社)が必要だ。There is a need for a DMO/DMC (Destination Marketing Organization / Destination Management Company) to oversee the Shikoku pilgrimage.

Honestly, there was nothing new to learn, but we knew that several guesthouses that accommodate many pilgrims in Kagawa would be attending the symposium. So we met an hour before the symposium and talked over tea. It was more meaningful for me.

The members were

I have been a guesthouse owner for the past 10 years. Since I am a sole proprietor, I always do this job alone. But when I talk with them in the same business, and when I realize that we are located on the trail that the pilgrims walk along, I feel we are all working together.

We did not have constructive discussions, but time passed quickly because we had common ground.

We don’t leave our houses unless we are on vacation. Therefore, it is rare for us to get together like this.

I later thought that I should have taken a group photo of all of us, but even later I realized that it would just show the five middle-aged guys, haha. Well, I am glad I didn’t take it, but I hope we all get together again.

When I returned to my guesthouse, Wakabaya, from the symposium, my 9-year-old son had finished a check-in work successfully instead of me. I rewarded him a little.