野崎が帰ってきた! Nozaki has come back!

旅人さん Our Guests

Nozaki has come back.

Who is Nozaki?

Nozaki showed up at Wakabaya in April 2015. I asked him that time “Where are you going after Takamatsu?”. And he answered, “Sri Lanka!”. He was a real backpacker.

野崎が行く! Mr. Nozaki goes!


As our official website says, Wakabaya is a guesthouse where travel beginners can feel at ease, and families with children are also warmly welcomed, but we enthusiastically host hard-core backpackers too like Nozaki.

8 years ago, he had traveled alone with a backpack and stayed in our mixed dormitory without a reservation. However, he booked our Japanese-style private room and traveled with his wife and their child. In our family also, Kiichi and Hisako had not yet been born, and Kotaro was a baby 8 years ago. We both felt the passing of the years.

However, their evening excursion was a bit peculiar. Even in the heavy rain, they went out by our rental bicycles to an organic grocery store and then to a Jamaican restaurant. After returning back, we chatted with tea. The topic turned to Indian breakfast and the East Tibetan region, and so on. It was really fun to talk about backpacking.

We both have families and our travel styles have changed, but let’s travel again.