近所の喫茶メロウ Cafe Mellow

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Most of Wakabaya’s guests go to Udon Baka Ichidai for breakfast.

うどんバカ一代 Udon Baka Ichidai


But, of course, some guests say “I like breakfast other than udon.”

若葉屋から徒歩10分ぐらいのところにKinco. hostel+cafeがありました。朝食がおいしく、雰囲気もいいので若葉屋のお客さんにもご紹介していましたが、2022年の秋に惜しまれつつも閉店。

There was Kinco. hostel+cafe about 10 minutes on foot from Wakabaya. Their breakfast was delicious and the atmosphere was also nice, so I introduced it to our guests. However, sadly it was closed in the fall of 2022.


So, I was looking for an alternative to Kinco. to spend a relaxing morning.


I found it. Or rather, I knew it for a long time, but I had never been inside.


When I entered at last, it was a small cafe with only a few tables and a counter. The cafe is decorated with antiques such as lamps and old clocks. It is old, but not messy, not too fashionable, and calm with the local atmosphere.


I had tea and homemade fondant chocolate, and chatted with the owner couple.


They serve drinks such as coffee and tea, handmade cakes, and half toast and boiled eggs for breakfast until 10:30. Cafe Mellow is located nearby Kotoden Hanazono Station.

喫茶メロウ Cafe Mellow
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