旅の効用: 人はなぜ移動するのか The world is beautiful for travelers.

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“We like Beyonce, do you guys?”, they asked. Jacob thought it so cool to share pop culture beyond the borders.



Travelers know that the outside is not as terrible as the newspapers report, and that happiness and beauty also exist in problem areas. And they also know that the place where they live is not the only normal and safe place.



First, get out of your safe area. Then you may find that your days go well without controlling everything. Once you’re in a different culture, you will be able to believe that “everything will work” even if not well grounded there.


If you have traveled abroad in a different culture, these sentences may remind you of your past journey.




I still vividly remember that I was so excited and anxious when surrounded by taxi drivers at the arrival gate of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. I was 19 years old and it was my first solo backpacking experience.

In my travel after that, the bus I got on had an accident, the train broke down, I got sick, and I almost missed the flight, but everything went well anyway.

When I boarded the return flight from the same airport, I was excited again and not anxious but confident.


In Ghana, the first African and developing country I visited, I felt the vibrancy rather than poverty or danger.



The Chinese people I met were kinder than expected.

They were Chinese workers, who were in the same compartment on the international train from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, and even though we couldn’t talk at all, they kindly shared a lot of food with me.



Mexicans were more modest than I expected.

Indigenous Mexicans, not of European origin, are calm.


I heard Eminem’s songs at full volume in the car sending me to the airport in Mongolia.


『旅の効用: 人はなぜ移動するのか』(ペール・アンデション, 2020)



I read essays on travel written by a Swedish journalist who loves traveling, originally published as “För den som reser är världen vacker” by Per J. Andersson in 2017, Sweden.

If you used to travel in your youth, or if you are going to go on a trip again after the pandemic, or even if you have not traveled but are admiring travel, why don’t you open this book during the difficult time to travel?