ジャンボフェリーからバス From Jumbo Ferry by bus


When you arrive at Takamatsu East Port 高松東港 by Jumbo Ferry, at first, take a free shuttle bus bound for JR Takamatsu Station 高松駅. The bus runs only once after the arrival of the ferry. In case you miss it, you’ll have to walk for 45 minutes or take a taxi to Wakabaya.

Free KAGAWA-WiFi is available at Takamatsu East Port, the bus terminal, and Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station.

約10分で高松駅路線バスターミナルに到着です。進行方向に進んで、7番乗り場、8番乗り場を目指します。You’ll arrive at Takamatsu Station Bus Terminal in about 10 minutes. Walk toward platform 7 or 8.


7番のりば 73 庵治(あじ)行き、75 大学病院行き
8番のりば 61,63,65,67 サンメッセ or フジグラン十川行き、大川バス引田・三本松行き

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach Takayobi-mae 高予備前, the nearest bus stop to Wakabaya for 280 yen. Please take the following buses departing from platforms 7 or 8.

7: #73 for Aji 庵治, #75 for Daigaku Byoin 大学病院
8: #61, 63, 65, 67 for Sun Messe サンメッセ or Fuji Grand フジグラン, Okawa Bus for Hiketa 引田

Prepaid transportation cards (IC Card) such as Suica and ICOCA are available on the Kotoden local bus but Okawa Bus accepts only cash for the fare.

When you arrive at the Takayobi-mae bus stop, walk in the opposite direction of the bus.

Cross the street at the pedestrian-control signal. And keep walking in the same direction.

Then turn left at the corner with the signboard of Daté Hospital 伊達病院. If you walk too far, you’ll cross a bridge.

Shortly, you will find Wakabaya with a signboard on your left. Welcome!

Directions from Takayobi-mae bus stop