From Takamatsu Sta. Exp. Bus Terminal by bus




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Getting off the bus, go for the 1st bus stop.


Free Wi-Fi is available at the Bus Terminal and the square.


Turn left along with the building.

When you see a square in front of Takamatsu Station, go across it.

Don’t walk along a roofed passage.

Going across the square, you see a local bus terminal.

Departure time and bus stop are displayed on an electric bulletin board.

Following buses go to “Takayobi-mae 高予備前”, the nearest bus stop from wakabaya in 14 to 20 minutes for 240JPY.

You can pay the fare with cash or prepaid transportation cards such as Suica and ICOCA.

BUS STOP 7: route 73, 75 and 79

BUS STOP 8: route 61, 63, 65, 67 and bus for Hiketa 引田

Arriving at Takayobi-mae 高予備前, walk back to the direction where the bus came from.

Cross the street at a push-button signal really nearby the bus stop and keep walking in the same direction again.

Turn left at the next corner with a signboard of Date Hospital 伊達病院.

This corner is before a bridge.

You’ll find wakabaya on your left very soon.


Map from Takayobi-mae Bus Stop to wakabaya