From JR Takamatsu Sta. by train


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Exit the ticket gate and go outside from the east exit in front of you.

If you have questions, you can ask anything at tourist information before the exit.

They know wakabaya too.


Free Wi-Fi is available around JR Takamatsu Station.



Go straight the roofed passage up to the crosswalk.

Cross the crosswalk over “Chuo-dori Street 中央通り” and you’ll see stonewalls of Takamatsu Castle.

Then, turn right there.

“Takamatsu Chikko Station 高松築港駅” of Kotoden Train is on your left.

Buy 190 JPY ticket to Hanazono Station 花園駅 on Nagao Line 長尾線 and take the GRREN train from No.3, not yellow one.

You arrive at Hanazono Station 花園駅, the third station from Takamatsu Chikko Station 高松築港駅.

Go through the bicycle parking and turn right.

Cross over the crosswalk with a light and cross a bridge.

You see another light, signboard of Date Hospital 伊達病院 and a small udon restaurant 野口製麺 soon after the bridge.

Turn left there.

Passing Date Hospital 伊達病院, wakabaya will be…

on your right soon!


Map from Hanazono Station