高松港からことでん From Takamatsu Port by train


When you arrive by ferry from Naoshima 直島 or Shodoshima 小豆島, go left under the roofed passage.

Free KAGAWA-WiFi is available at the ports in Takamatsu and the islands, and Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station.

When you see the brick building, turn right and cross the square towards the main street.

If you arrive from Megijima 女木島 and Ogijima 男木島 by ferry or from Naoshima 直島, Teshima 豊島 and Shodoshima 小豆島 by high-speed boat, go along the passage and cross the square towards the main street.

The main street is a tree-lined Route 30, named Chuo-dori 中央通り. Cross the Go straight on the crossroad with the traffic light, not in the direction of the hotel.

You’ll see the stone wall of Takamatsu Castle on your left and then shortly arrive at Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko 高松築港 Station.

Prepaid transportation cards (IC Cards) such as Suica and ICOCA are available on the Kotoden train. If you don’t have it, buy a 200 JPY ticket to Hanazono Station on the Nagao Line at the ticket vending machine. Take the green train bound for Nagao from platform 3.

When you get off the train, the IC Card holder touches the card onto the yellow card reader at the platform before you go out. If you have a paper ticket, please give it to the train conductor.

Get off at Hanazono Station 花園駅, the next station after Kawaramachi Station. Go through the bicycle parking lot and turn right.

Continue straight on at the crossroads with the traffic light and cross the bridge.
Immediately after crossing the bridge, there is another signal. It is a crossroads with the sign of Daté Hospital 伊達病院 and Noguchi Udon Shop 野口製麺. Turn left there. If you go too far, you’ll see an elevated railway.

When you pass in front of Daté Hospital 伊達病院, you will soon reach Wakabaya.

Shortly after the Hospital, you will find Wakabaya with a signboard on your right. Welcome!

Directions from Hanazono Station