高松空港からリムジンバスとレンタサイクル From Takamatsu Airport by bus & rental bike


高松市レンタサイクルを利用するには、専用アプリ HELLO CYCLINGが必要です。スマートフォンなどへ事前にインストールし、会員登録(無料)、決済情報の登録を済ませておくことをおすすめします。
The dedicated app HELLO CYCLING is required to use Takamatsu City Rental Bicycle. We recommend that you install it on your smartphone, register as a member (free of charge), and set up your payment information in advance. English and Chinese are also supported on the app.

The reception hours for rental and return bicycles at the Kawaramachi 瓦町 Basement Bicycle Port are between 7:00 and 23:00.


高松空港リムジンバス 時刻表
Prepaid transportation cards (IC Card) such as Suica and ICOCA are available on the Airport Limousine Bus for Takamatsu. If you don’t have it, buy a ticket for “Kawaramachi 瓦町” for 900 JPY at the ticket vending machine at the exit of the arrival hall. The bus is scheduled to depart after the arrival of the plane. Don’t miss it.
Airport Limousine Bus Timetable

Free KAGAWA-WiFi is available at Takamatsu Airport and Kawaramachi Station.

The buses bound for Takamatsu City depart from Platform 2. Wi-Fi is available also on the bus.

SSID: kotochan-wifi
PW: kotoden1

When the limousine bus arrives at Kawaramachi 瓦町, take the lift to the 1st basement floor.

When you get off the lift and turn right around, you will find a yellow gate.

Go inside through the pedestrian entrance on the right of the gate.

Follow the blue arrows and go upstairs to the Kawaramachi Station Basement Bicycle Port. Operate the app there to rent a bike. If you don’t know how to use it, ask the staff there.

After exiting the gate and going out to the ground, make a U-turn to the right and go straight to the end.

When you reach the Kawaramachi station building, turn right. Pass in front of STARBUCKS and keep straight along the station building.

Keep straight through the bus stops.

Keep straight again on the road in front of the pachinko shop AIZEN.

When you reach the big street (Kanko-dori 観光通り Street / Route 43), turn left. The NTT building is in front of you.

Go straight on. On the way, cross the railroad crossing twice.

This is the second railroad crossing.

After crossing the second railroad crossing, at the next traffic light in front of Takamatsu Shinkin Bank 高松信用金庫, cross to the right side of the street and continue in the same direction.

You will see the Kankobashi Bridge 観光橋 over the Gobogawa River 御坊川, and cross it.

After crossing the bridge, turn right at the corner with the signboard of Daté Hospital 伊達病院.

Shortly, you will find Wakabaya with a signboard on your left. Welcome!