From Takamatsu Airport by airport bus & rental bicycle


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You can find the Airport Bus ticket machines easily when you exit the international arrival gate.

Information Centre to right of the exit accepts the luggage delivery service to accommodations around Takamatsu. Luggage you left before 1pm will be delivered to wakabaya in the same day evening.

If you’d like to use it, please tell us it in advance.


LUGGAGE DELIVERY SERVICE from 8:30am to 1:00pm

FEE 500JPY for each


Free Wi-Fi is available in Takamatsu Airport.



Buy a ticket for “Kawaramachi 瓦町” with 710JPY.

Airport Bus Timetable


Take a bus at 2nd bus stop.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the bus too.

SSID: kotochan-wifi

PW: kotoden1


When you arrive at Kawaramachi 瓦町, go downstairs by lift.


Free Wi-Fi is available again in Kawaramachi Bus Terminal.



After getting on the 1st basement floor, turn right around.

You’ll find yellow gates of the bicycle parking lot.


Go through the gate.

Rent-a-bicycle reception is in this bike parking.

Follow procedure at reception to rent a bicycle.

Passport or Residential Card is necessary for it.

If you don’t live in Japan, write wakabaya’s address and telephone number as your contact.


ADDRESS: Guesthouse Wakabaya, 603-1, Kankocho, Takamatsu

 Guesthouse若葉屋, 高松市観光町603-1

TEL: 070-5683-5335


You can return your bike at other “Bicycle Ports” too in JR Takamatsu Station Basement 高松駅地下, Ritsurin-Koen Station 栗林公園駅 and so on.

WORKING HOURS: 7am to 11pm

FEE: 200JPY per 24hours


Official Information

How to Use


If you see a golden statue of Buddha and Lawson on the ground, cross at the cross walks and go to Lawson side.

You’ll see Tokiwagai 常盤街 Shopping Arcade on your right soon.


Facing the entrance of Tokiwagai Shopping Arcade, go left.


Shortly, you’ll get to a big crossroad with a big building of NTT and tern left there.

After turning left, go straight along “Kanko-dori Street 観光通り”.

Between this crossroad and wakabaya, you’ll cross railways twice and see overbridges twice.

If you are going on the left side of street, cross it and keep right side.

Just keep straight along “Kanko-dori Street 観光通り”.

When you cross a bridge over a river, wakabaya is waiting you very near.

After the bridge, turn right at the corner with a signboard of “Date Hospital 伊達病院”.

You’ll find wakabaya 50m after that corner.


Map around wakabaya