沙弥島に行ってきたよ。I visited Shamijima Island.

地元情報 Local Info.



Yoshima Island has newly appeared as a part of the Shamijima venue at the Setouchi Triennale 2022. I decided to go there by bus from Sakaide Station to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the bus window running on Seto Ohashi Bridge. The name of the bus terminal is Urashiro in Yoshima.



ん? しまった、浦城(与島)行きより5分早く発車する、西浦(沙弥島&瀬居島)行きに乗ってしまった…。

The Setouchi Triennale Shuttle Bus departed from Sakaide for Nishiura!

No! Not Urashiro but Nishiura!?  I took the wrong bus by mistake.


こんな記事を書いておきながら、痛恨の凡ミス。よく知らないところを旅すると、こういうことある!ある! ということを自ら体験しておくのも、宿屋としては良いことです。ということにしておこう。


While I wrote such an article to advise tourists to prepare carefully, I made a basic mistake. When we travel to unfamiliar places, we often make a mistake like this. A guest house owner also should experience it as a tourist.

By the way, I had not visited Shamijima in the prior Setouchi Triennale. To tell the truth, I did not have high expectations of it because Shamijima had been reclaimed and connected to the Shikoku main island, so it is no longer a real island.


However, it looks like an island!


And when I saw such a blue booth of the Triennale Information Center, it excited me.

こういう手書きのホワイトボードもみなさん、見逃さないで! 実用的情報が載っていますので。

Don’t miss this handwritten whiteboard! Because it contains practical information.


Got taken my normal temperature, attached a band around the wrist, and let’s enjoy Shamijima!

sm11: 幻海をのぞく / 南条嘉毅


The entrance appeared in front of me unexpectedly. As soon as I entered, I was drawn into a different world.

sm12: 月への道 / Leonid Tishkov



Stories of the moon are unfolded in the closed Shamijima School. I do not reveal it in detail, but the visitor passes here and sees this view on the route.

Today, I got satisfied with just these two artworks and scenery. Also, don’t confuse Urashiro and Nishiura. Oh yes, it’s okay to confuse them.