Shodoshima Island 小豆島

Travel Tips (English)

Shodoshima Island is Big.

Shodoshima Island 小豆島 may be bigger than you expect.

The island is walkable only around the harbor area.

Cycling around the island is recommended only for experienced cyclists with a road bike or MTB.

Bus Timetable Determines Your Trip.

A local bus is necessary for raveling in Shodoshima but never frequent.

Check the bus timetable in advance to get to your destinations.

Shodoshima Olive Bus -JP

As of July 30, 2021, the timetable of the Shodoshima Olive Bus can be searched on Google Map however, it is not updated.

If you can read or type Japanese, check the official website of the bus company or use NAVITIME.

A sightseeing bus tour takes you efficiently to sightseeing places.

Shodoshima Sightseeing Bus -JP

Rentals for Flexible Trip

If you are a group and have a Japanese driver’s license, rent-a-car will be the best.

For a solo traveler, a rental motorbike is available.

Shodoshima Anzen Rent-A-Car Rental Motorbike -JP

For a pair of tourists, a rental electric car “mamemobi” is so unique and cute.

Shodoshima Furusato-mura Mamemobi -JP

“Hello Cycling”, an electric-assisted shared bicycle is convenient on Shodoshima.

A tourist can rent it and return it to another station located through the island.

Install the app (works only in the Japanese language!) and payment will be charged by the credit card.


Access to Shodoshima and Island Traffic

Shodoshima Navi -JP, EN, 簡, 繁, 한

Angel Road

You can walk across the scenic sandbar path only while it appears from the sea at low tide for several hours, but the best is not at the lowest tide.

I recommend the time when the tide is getting low and the sandbar is appearing from the sea or when the tide is getting higher and the sandbar is disappearing into the sea.

The narrow sandy path is more beautiful and you will be able to see the change of the natural tide.

Check the time when the Angel Road is visible at the following site.

Tonosho Town Sightseeing Site (Angel Road Calendar works only in Japanese!)

Kankakei Gorge

The bus for Kountei 紅雲亭, the Kankakei Ropeway Station, runs only in the high season.

Kankakei Bus Timetable -JP

Kankakei Ropeway runs all year round but sometimes closes (mainly Wednesday).

Kankakei Ropeway -JP

Ferries Main Island ~ Shodoshima

Ferries connect Shodoshima 小豆島 not only to Takamatsu 高松 but also to Kobe 神戸, Himeji 姫路, Uno 宇野, and Okayama 岡山.

Shodoshima Navi -JP, EN, 簡, 繁, 한


UPDATED Aug 6, 2021