Chichibugahama Beach 父母ヶ浜

Travel Tips (English)

Check the Official Website

At first, don’t miss the following Mitoyo City official website.

All necessary information is prepared there.

Chichibugahama Beach -EN

Conditions for Best Scenery

Chichibugahama Beach appears only at low tide.

The best scenery needs three conditions:

  1. 30 minutes before & after the sunset
  2. Low tide
  3. No wind

Check the Best View Calendar here in advance.

Chichibugahama Beach Best View Calendar -JP

Access is Difficult

Public Transportation

The public transportation to get the beach is the only community bus from JR Takuma 詫間 station or JR Kan-onji 観音寺 station.

It does not run frequently and does not run on Sundays and Holidays.

Mitoyo City Community Bus, Nio Line, Timetable JPPDFファイル

Instead, a shuttle bus runs between JR Takuma 詫間 station, Chichibugahama Beach 父母が浜, Takaya Shrine 高屋神社, Zenigata Sand Coin 銭形砂絵展望台, and JR Kan-onji 観音寺 station on Saturday and Sunday.

Mitoyo Chuo Kanko Bus, Heats Shuttle

A driving tourist also needs to be careful.

Set the destination point as “香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203-3 父母ヶ浜海水浴場” or MAP CODE “77 363 186*26” on your car GPS.

The car parking lot might be congested on weekends in the summer vacation and Obon holidays.

Advanced booking for parking is available only during the summer vacation.

Chichibugahama Village, Parking Reservation -JP

Benefit the Local Economy

It has passed just a few years since Chichibugahama got popular with the tourists.

However, the local residents have preserved the beach from some landfill plans and have cleaned it daily for long years.

Chichibugahama Beach is the preserved landscape before the “Instagram spot”.

Now many people are facinated and visit there, but most of them takepictures and leave without staying, eating or shopping in Mitoyo, where the beach is located.

Some small cafes and kitchen cars launched business around the beach.

Marine leisure such as sea kayak and SUP in the breathtaking sea is recomended.

Luxurious and unique guest houses also opened.

Please spend your time and money in the local community, which preserved the superb natural view.


UPDATED Aug 6, 2021