Sanuki Udon Noodle 讃岐うどん

Travel Tips (English)

Udon is Lunch

Our local specialty, udon noodle is available at lunchtime, mostly.

Many udon restaurants, especially in Takamatsu central close on Sunday.

Some udon restaurants close on the Golden Week in May, Obon Holidays in August, and the end/beginning of the year also to avoid congestion in the neighborhood, so check the business day.

Where is Sanuki Udon’s Home?

“The home of sanuki udon should be Sanuki City.”

“We know Marugame Udon, so Marugame City should be udon’s home.”

No, they are not correct.

The meaning of “sanuki” is the old name of Kagawa Prefecture until the Meiji Restoration and means whole area of today’s Kagawa Prefecture.

On the other hand, present Sanuki City is the name of newly established city in 2002.

So, not only the area of Sanuki City is “sanuki”.

And, Marugame Udon did not originate in Marugame City.

A restaurant chain company originated from Hyogo Prefecture uses the name of Marugame as their udon branding.

Therefore, don’t persist in Marugame City or Sanuki City for Sanuki Udon. Please enjoy Sanuki Udon throughout Kagawa Prefecture.


UPDATED Aug 7, 2021