Takamatsu Airport 高松空港

Travel Tips (English)

Limousine Bus

A limousine bus runs according to the departures and arrivals of flight.

Therefore, the bus is not shuttled during the time with no flight at the airport.

So, when you land at Takamatsu Airport, do not relax too much but take the bus.

Not only the Takamatsu Central but other buses travel between the airport and other cities also such as Kotohira 琴平, Sakaide 坂出, and Marugame 丸亀.

Takamatsu Airport Access-EN, 繁, 简, 한

Rent-a-Car and etc.

There are offices of rent-a-car companies in the airport and they offer pick-up service also.

Rent-a-Car -JP

Shared car service and rental motorbikes are available too.

Shared Car & Rental Motorbike -JP

Luggage Delivery Service

Visitors can use a luggage delivery service at 1,500JPY per piece from 8:30 to 11:30 am at the information center.

The service delivers your luggage on the same day to accommodations in Kagawa Prefecture.

Luggage Same-Day Delivery Service -JP


UPDATED Aug 7, 2021