Naruto Whirlpools 鳴門のうず潮

Travel Tips (English)

Check the Whirlpool Calendar

Big whirlpools are visible when it has a high or low tide.

This is because when the seawater flows from the Pacific Ocean into the Seto Inland Sea at high tide, and flows out from the Seto Inland Sea to the Pacific Ocean at low tide, a large amount of seawater passes the narrow Naruto Strait and makes the whirlpool.

Therefore, the flow of seawater between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean stops at the middle time of high tide and low tide, and we can not see the whirlpool at that time.

The whirlpool becomes bigger than usual at the springtide (full moon or new moon) because the moon, the earth, and the sun get aligned.

Weather does not affect the whirlpools but the moon affects it.

Whirlpool Calendar -EN, 簡, 繁

Take a Boat

A short boat trip at 1,600JPY is definitely more valued than observation from the bridge at 510JPY.

There are several types of the whirlpool boat, and my recommendation is Uzushio Kisen.

Since their boat is small, the distance between the sea surface and the passenger is close.

The passenger can enjoy the magnificient whirlpool very close.

By the way, the whirlpool NEVER sucks the boat into the sea. Don’t worry.

Uzushio Kisen Whirlpool Boat -EN, 簡, 繁

20 min by Bus

It takes about 20 minutes by local bus from JR Naruto 鳴門 Station to Kameuraguchi 亀浦口, the closest bus stop to the boat place.

Tokushima Bus, Timetable -JP

Tokushima Bus, Naruto Koen, Special Guidance -JP


UPDATED July 8, 2022