Iya Valley & Oboke Gorge 祖谷/大歩危

Travel Tips (English)

Bus Runs a Few

There are 7 round-trip buses a day between JR Oboke 大歩危 Station and Kazurabashi (vine bridge) かずら橋.

In addition, there are two bus stops around Kazurabashi Bridge: Kazurabashi かずら橋 Stop and Kazurabashi Yumeburai かずら橋夢舞台 Stop across the river, and each bus stops only one of them.

Iya & Oboke Area Bus Timetable -JP

Sightseeing Tour Bus

A sightseeing tour bus runs in the high season.

Sightseeing at many photogenic places, lunch, and a riverboat cruise are included.

It is impossible to experience all of them in a day without this tour bus.

A Day Tour Bus in Oboke & Iya -EN, 簡, 繁, 한


UPDATED Aug 7, 2021