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From Takamatsu Airport 高松空港

From JR Takamatsu Station JR高松駅

If you’d like to save transportation expense as much as possible with JAPAN RAIL PASS or Seishun-18-Ticket 青春18切符, you can get off train at JR Ritsurin Station 栗林駅 and walk for 20minutes to wakabaya. If you don't want to walk such a long way with heavy luggageor or have "ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass 四國鐵路周遊券", JR Takamatsu Station 高松駅 is definitely more convenient.

From JR Ritsurin Station JR栗林駅

JR Ritsurin Station 栗林駅 is recommendable for those who’d like to save transportation expense as much as possible with "JAPAN RAIL PASS" or "Seishun-18-Ticket 青春18切符". But if you don't want to walk such a long way with heavy luggage or have "ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass 四國鐵路周遊券", JR Takamatsu Station 高松駅 is definitely more convenient.

Form Takamatsu Port 高松港

Jumbo Ferry from Kobe 神戸 via Shodoshima Sakate Port 小豆島坂手港 arrives at Takamatsu “East” Port 高松東港, not Takamatsu Port 高松港.

From Kobe 神戸 by Jumbo Ferry

Jumbo Ferry from Kobe 神戸 via Shodoshima Sakate Port 小豆島坂手港 arrives at this Takamatsu “East” Port 高松東港. Takamatsu East Port is 4km away from Takamatsu Port 高松港 where the boats from islands arrive and depart. When you arrive, at first, take a free bus for JR Takamatsu Station 高松駅. It runs only once after arrival of your ferry. So, if you miss it, you’ll have to walk 45mintues or take a taxi to wakabaya.

by car

You can’t find us on car GPS with our telephone number.
Search us with MAP CODE 60 577 681*51.
If you can't input all numbers, seach “Date Hospital 伊達病院” with its telephone number 087-831-1701. We are on the same street and just 60m northeast away.

From Takamatsu Station Express Bus Terminal

Express Buses runs from Tokyo 東京, Yokohama 横浜, Nagoya 名古屋, Kansai Airport 関西国際空港, Kyoto 京都, Osaka 大阪, Kobe 神戸, Matsuyama 松山, Tokushima 徳島, Kochi 高知, Hiroshima 広島 and Fukuoka 福岡 directly to Takamatasu 高松. If you travel without JAPAN RAIL PASS, these buses are cheaper than shinkansen or express train and faster than local train.

Here is unknown but necessary tourist information in Takamatsu 高松, Shikoku 四国 not to waste your time and money.

ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass 四國鐵路周遊券

This pass is available not only at JR trains but also at every private railway such as Kotoden 高松琴平電氣鐵道, Iyotetsu 伊予鐵道, Tosaden 土佐電交通路面電車, Tosa Kuroshio 土佐黑潮鐵道, Asakaigan 阿佐海岸鐵道, Shodoshima 小豆島 Ferry between Takamatsu 高松 Port and Tonosho 土庄 Port and Shodoshima Olive Bus 小豆島橄欖巴士. In addition, with the pass you can take a discount for an express bus between Matsuyama 松山 – Kochi 高知, boats between Tokushima 徳島 – Wakayama 和歌山 and Matsuyama 松山 – Hiroshima 広島.
ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass -EN, 繁, 简, 한


For trip between four main cities in Shikoku 四国; Takamatsu City 高松市, Matsuyama City 松山市, Kochi City 高知市 and Tokushima City 徳島市, “SHIKOKU HIGHWAY BUS 3-DAY-RIDER” is cheaper than “ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass (3days)”. The bus between Matsuyama 松山 and Kochi 高知 runs faster than train and other buses runs slower than train a little bit.

Japanese Doesn’t Go Shopping After Diner.

Most of shops along Takamatsu Shopping Arcade close around 19:00. “POWER DRUG ONE’S Kawaramachi 瓦町” and most of shops in “you me town Takamatsu” open until 22:00.
POWER DRUG ONE’S Kawaramachi 瓦町 -JP
you me town Takamatsu- JP

Japan Has Many Holidays and 3-Days Weekends.

Hotels, transportations and touristic places are crowded on those days. Especially, they are terribly crowded during “Golden Week” in May, “Obon” in August and end/beginning of the year.

Museums Close

Art sites in Naoshima 直島 close every Monday, in Teshima 豊島 and Inujima 犬島 close every Tuesday “usually”. Their holidays may change depending on season, Japanese holiday and for maintenance. Check their web calendar in advance.
Art Site Calendar -JP
Art Site Calendar -EN

Island Hopping

You don’t have to come back to Takamatsu 高松 to go to next island. You can hop from the island to the island directory to save your time and money. Not frequent but direct boats runs between Shodoshima 小豆島 – Teshima 豊島 and Teshima 豊島 – Naoshima 直島.
Boats to the ilands -JP
Boats to the ilands -EN
Naoshima 直島 has many, Teshima 豊島 and Shodoshima 小豆島 have some inexpensive accommodations.
Naoshima Tourism Association -JP
Teshima Tourism Association -JP

If Okayama 岡山 IN/OUT,
Use Uno Port 宇野港

Naoshima 直島 and Teshima 豊島 are closer rather to Uno 宇野 in Okayama 岡山 than to Takamatsu 高松. And Uno 宇野 has more frequent boats to those islands than Takamatsu 高松. Uno Port 宇野港 is very close from JR Uno Station.
Boats to the ilands -JP
Boats to the ilands -EN

Tricky Boat to Teshima 豊島

Check the timetable of a high-speed boat between Takamatsu 高松 and Teshima 豊島 carefully because it changes depending on day and season. The boat costs 1,330JPY for one-way.
Teshima Ferry -JP&EN

Rental-Bicycle in Teshima 豊島

Don’t save money for a rental bicycle in Teshima 豊島. Choose an electric one for long and steep slope there. Rental bicycle service at the ferry terminal closes 16:00, earlier than others. If you’d like to borrow a bike longer, other places are recommendable.
Teshima Tourism Association -JP

For Inujima 犬島, From Okayama 岡山

The round-trip boat fare between Takamatsu 高松 and Inujima 犬島 with transfer at Naoshima 直島 or Teshima 豊島 costs about 5,000JPY. On the other hand, a boat fare from Hoden Port 宝伝港 in Okayama 岡山 to Inujima 犬島 costs only 300JPY for one-way and the boat runs more frequent than between Naoshima 直島/Teshima 豊島 and Inujima 犬島. To get to Hoden Port 宝伝港 from JR Okayama 岡山 Station, you need to take a JR Ako Line 赤穂線 train to Saidaiji 西大寺Station and transfer to a Ryobi 両備 Bus.
Ryobi Bus -JP
A direct bus from Okayama 岡山 Station to Hoden Port 宝伝港 runs once a day only on weekends in busy season.
Inujima Guide -JP

Shodoshima Island 小豆島 is Big.

Check the local bus timetable in advance because the bus is necessary but not frequent.
Shodoshima Olive Bus -JP
For group travelers, borrowing a rental car in the island is recommendable.
For solo traveler, rental motorbike is available.
Ishii Cycle -JP
A sightseeing bus tour takes you efficiently to touristic places.
Sightseeing Bus -JP, EN, CN, KR

Angel Road 天使之道

You can walk on the angel road only 2 or 3 hours prior/later to the low tide 干潮.
Tide Schedule 2018-JP

Kankakei 寒霞渓

The bus for Kountei 紅雲亭, where the ropeway for Kankakei 寒霞渓 departs from, runs only in high season.
Kankakei Bus Timetable -JP

Between Honshu 本州 (main land) and Shodoshima 小豆島

Ferries connect Shodoshima 小豆島 not only to Takamatsu 高松 but also to Kobe 神戸, Himeji 姫路, Uno 宇野 in Okayama 岡山.

Limousine Bus

A limousine bus connects Takamatsu Airport not only to Takamatsu 高松 but also to Kotohira 琴平, Sakaide 坂出 and Marugame 丸亀 directly.
Access from/to the Airport -JP

Luggage Same-Day Delivery Service

You can use a luggage same-day delivery service from 8:30 to 13:00 at the tourist information centre in the airport. It deliver your luggage at 500JPY per piece to accommodations in Kagawa 香川県 including Takamatsu 高松. Delivery to hostels in small islands is available until 10:00. The luggage will be delivered to the hotel in the same day evening.
Luggage Same-Day Delivery Service -JP

You can get to a natural hot spring called “Busshozan Onsen 仏生山温泉” in 15minutes from our guesthouse by Kotoden 琴電 Train. The train company sells a package ticket only at 1,000JPY including hot spring fee, small towel and one-day free train ticket in a specific area.
Busshozan Onsen -JP
Kotoden Onsen Ticket -JP

Udon is mostly for lunch

Our local specialty, udon noodle is available in restaurants only in lunchtime, mostly. Many of them close on Sunday. Some of them close on Japanese Golden Week in May, Obon in August and the end/beginning of the year also.

Where is Udon's home?

An udon chain restaurant made Marugame 丸亀 famous in Asian cities. However, 丸x製x was estabished at near by Kobe 神戸市, not at Marugame 丸亀市. A huge food service chain company just uses the name of "Marugame 丸亀" on their udon restaurant brand. That's why Marugame is not the only place of genuine udon, but also whole Kagawa prefecture 香川県 including Takamatsu 高松市 and Marugame 丸亀市 is udon's home.

If you travel between four main cities in Shikoku; Takamatsu City 高松市, Matsuyama City 松山市, Tokushima City 徳島市 and Kochi City 高知市, highway bus is cheaper than JR Express Train. The bus between Matsuyama 松山 and Kochi 高知 runs faster than train and other buses run slower than train a little bit. Student discount with Japanese Student ID Card is available.
JR Shikoku Bus -JP
JR Shikoku Bus -EN
Takamatsu - Tokushima Bus -JP

Check the Whirlpools Calendar

Big whirlpools are visible when it has high and low tide. And when it has a spring tide, whirlpools are bigger than usual. Weather doesn’t affect the whirlpools but moon affects it.
Whirlpool Calendar -JP

Take a Boat

A short boat trip at 1,500JPY is definitely more recommendable than an observation from bridge at 510JPY. The whirlpool NEVER sucks the boat into the sea. Don’t worry.
Whirlpool Boat -JP

20minutes by Bus

It takes about 20minutes by local bus from JR Naruto 鳴門 Station to Kameuraguchi 亀浦口, the closest bus stop to the boat place.
Bus Timetable -JP&EN

Few Buses

On weekdays during low season, local bus between JR Oboke 大歩危 Station – Kazurabashi (vine bridge) 蔓橋 and between JR Awaikeda 阿波池田 Station – Hotel Iya Onsen 祖谷温泉 – Kazurabashi (vine bridge) 蔓橋 runs only two or three times a day.
Bus Timetable -JP&EN
Connections from wakabaya -JP&EN

Sightseeing Tour Bus

A sightseeing tour bus runs in high season. It costs but it takes you many photogenic places and riverboat trip, where you can never experience them all in a day by local bus.
Sightseeing Tour Bus -JP/EN

Luggage-Free Cycling

If you stay in a registered accommodation in Imabari and Onomichi, low-priced same-day delivery service is available. You can receive your luggage at opposite side hostel in the same day evening.
Luggage Delivery Service -JP

Sunrise Itoyama 糸山

Though JR Imabari Station Rental Cycle Terminal is easy, most of their bikes are city type. If you prefer a sportive bike, Sunrise Itoyama with many variations is recommendable. It is far from JR Imabari Station but it stands on just the start point of Shimanami Kaido 島波海道.
Sunrise Itoyama -JP Sunrise Itoyama -EN